Amp Fleet Management Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

AMP Annual Membership :
  • The AMP Annual Membership is $25.00 per year, and gives you access to all our optional programs.
  • 1. You can sign up for the AMP Annual Membership by clicking “Sign-Up” or by calling us at 866-926-2152. Sometimes it’s easiest to do it over the phone so we can answer any questions you may have as we’re going along. We can also get you set up with a dealer right then!
  • Referral Program a. Refer a friend and get $10 off your Annual Membership renewal, your friend will also receive $10 off their first year of the membership! For more information, call us at 866-926-2152!
  • Follow our Social Media or Blog for specials and deals a. Occasionally we have sign-up specials such as “$20 off first year of the membership.” We also do contests and sweepstakes such as “Win $1,000 in tires”. Some of our partners will also do sweepstakes so make sure you follow us to get more information!
  • Your Membership will be automatically renewed every year unless you tell us otherwise, there is no cancellation fee and no contract.
  • Please call now (866)926-2152

About the Michelin National Fleet Tire Program:
  • You are able to buy Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal tires directly from the factory.
  • Your credit card is registered directly in Michelin’s business to business (B2B) computer system.
  • You purchase your tires at a local Michelin National Service Account dealer (see below) using your AMP Partner fleet card, and the dealer bills your credit card in the B2B system at the AMP Fleet price.
  • As an AMP member you get service and maintenance pricing according to the Michelin Service schedule. This schedule applies to vehicles up to 10,000 GVW. Other vehicle services are at the dealers normal price.
  • Just like the tires, service work is billed by the local National Service Account dealer through the B2B system on your credit card.
  • See our Dealer Locator. There are 3,500 Michelin National Account dealers nationwide.
  • No, the $25 annual membership in the fleet program is included in your membership package. There is no other fee added to purchases.
  • After you sign up on the program, we will request a unique Ship-To (Michelin National Account #) from Michelin. This process can take up to a week, but usually only takes 2-3 days. Once we have your Ship-To #, we email you your Fleet Card and all the price lists.
  • Your permanent card will be mailed out to you under separate cover within 10 to 12 business days.
  • Just call the (866)926-2152.
  • We will also email you a notice if we see your credit card will be expiring within 30 days.
  • Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal brand tires
  • We have a listing of over 2000 tire sizes and types available which we provide to each member.
  • You need to know the size of the tire you want – i.e. look on the sidewall of your tires and find the size (like 195/65R15 or 300/75R22.5)
  • On the price lists, use the filter down arrows at the top to select the elements of your tire size and the available choices will be shown. Or just give us a call so we can help you select the right tire
  • You can buy your tires as soon as you are issued your fleet card. If you need to buy tires sooner, please call us at 866-926-2152 and we can get you set up with a generic Ship-To (Michelin National Account #).
  • You will receive 20-50% off MSRP for Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal Tires. This price is equal to, or better, than internet prices – and there are no shipping costs added.
  • The list of over 2000 tire sizes and types includes the National Fleet Pricing for each tire.
  • You would be paying $10-$30 more for the tire, plus shipping if you buy online
  • So your overall savings would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-$40 per tire depending on the size.
  • Once you receive your Fleet Card, just take it into your designated Michelin Tire Dealer and order your tires using the MSPN # (provided on price list)
  • Any Michelin Authorized National Account Dealer nationwide, see our Dealer Locator.
  • Yes, as long as they are a recognized National Account Dealer and signed up for the Michelin National Program (most are). If they aren’t, give them our number and we can put in them in touch with Michelin directly to become a National Dealer.
  • You call (866)926-2152 for any problem resolution.
  • Since this program is brand new the Michelin dealers may not have had immediate visibility to either the program or the card. However, they should call their Michelin Help Line for verification. They can also call us at (866)926-2152 for verification and help with processing the card.
  • The National Service Account Dealers list given at sign up have all been registered to provide service to the AMP Fleet program.
  • No – only the 1st and last 4 digits will appear as your unique “authorization #”
  • The “Ship To” number on the card designates the AMP Fleet Program.
  • Absolutely not, you can order as many tires you need or want to store.
  • You can, but remember, caution should be exercised since you are responsible for all charges on your Fleet card, which will be billed to your credit card.
Value Tire Program :
  • For regular passenger and light duty vehicles, the following brands are available in all sizes: Pirelli, Hankook, Maxxis, Carlisle, Cordovan, Vanderbilt, Trivant, Sumitomo, Riken, Greenball, Omni, Atlas, GITI, Continental, and General
  • For Medium Class Bus & Shuttle Vehicles, the following brands are available in all Medium Class Tire sizes: Uniroyal, Hankook, and Sumitomo.
  • We will have the tires delivered by any TCI Distribution Center available for free. If there is not a TCI in your area, we can still get them delivered, but there may be freight charges added to the invoice.
  • Unfortunately, our entire membership is a credit card only program. Your card will be charged after confirmation of the tire order, but before delivery.
  • We can organize for you to have the tires put on at the TCI Center. Or we can have the tires delivered to a different dealer after confirmation that dealer is available. We will set up a time for you to get them put on your vehicle.
  • Please call now (866)926-2152

Road Hazard Program
  • Road Hazard damage occurs when a tire fails during the course of driving in a legal manner on a road maintained by state or local authority. Nails, glass and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards.
  • Once you sign up for the Road Hazard program, each passenger/light duty tire you buy either through the AMP Michelin National Fleet Discount Card or AMP TCI Tire Discount Program will have Road Hazard automatically added. The fee per tire is $15.00.
  • Keep in mind that this program is entirely optional, you will not be charged for Road Hazard unless you specifically request it. The Road Hazard program can also be cancelled at any time without cancellation fees or penalties.
  • Reimbursement for flat tire repair and/or tire replacement, up to the original purchase price of the tire or the replacement tire price, whichever is less, not to exceed a maximum of $200.00 during the Coverage Term, when an eligible tire is damaged by a road hazard.
  • Call Sonsio’s 800# hotline for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This number can be found on your Road Hazard Program Certificate or here.
  • After you buy your tires, AMP will automatically add the Road Hazard to the tires you purchased. Within a couple days, you will receive a program certificate in your email with all of the Road Hazard benefits, terms, and contact information